Some more lovely Autumn pictures of our lovely school

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Autumn is coming

Well, after the wonderful summer we all had, the autumn is coming to Kilgraston. The leaves are turning brown and there is a chill in the air. So, in order to keep our memories, we have decided to post a few pictures for you every day. Please leave your thoughts and your memories!



Everyone together!

Everyone together!

Lots of smiles!

Lots of smiles!

Grooving at the disco

Grooving at the disco

Let the room fill with music and I will dance around the notes!

Let the room fill with music and I will dance around the notes!

Dancin' at the disco!

Dancin’ at the disco!


The Last Party

As the last of our students leave today we held a farewell party for everyone as a way of saying goodbye and thank you for making this month so enjoyable for all. After devouring enough food to feed a small army,  the children (and staff) played party games until we were all exhanusted and in need of a good nights kip. The whole night was hilarious and the perfect way to say goodbye to our students.

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Arts and Craft

Amongst the many evening activities we offer arts and crafts is one of the most popular. It gives the students a chance to unwind after their busy day and the opportunity to create beautiful things for them to take back home.

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A Global Friendship

At KLAC this year we have had 11 nationalities stay with us. One of the most important things for us as staff is to promote intergration and ensure each child is able to experience the qualities each nationality can offer. The ability to communicate through the shared language of English means that the students make friends from all over the world. The bonds that are formed stretch far beyond the weeks spent at the school and the emotional farewells we see every weekend are testament to the strength of friendships made here.










Cairnie Fruit Farm

Not even rain and strong winds could prevent the KLAC students from taking advantage of the many attractions at Cairnie Fruit Farm today. Inbetween gobbling down punnet upon punnet of self-picked strawberries and raspberries they raced eachother on go-karts, jumped on a giant jelly-belly, got hopelessly lost in the maize maze and zipped down the flying fox.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 DSCF5002 DSCF5005 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Party Animals

What do boa constrictors, South African hedgehogs, trantulas and hawks have in common?

They all met the KLAC students today. Brian from Party Animals taught our students all about the exotic animals he keeps and let them get up close and personal with each one.

DSCF4821  DSCF4751

DSCF4759  DSCF4765

DSCF4766  DSCF4776  DSCF4779

DSCF4787DSCF4797  DSCF4807   




Here at KLAC we are asked every day when the next disco will be- once a week simply isn’t enough! It is the favourite evening activity of many of the students and it gives them the perfect opportunity to make new friends and show off their latest dance moves.


 The staff are also not exempt from the urge to bust a move or two.     

DSCF4618  DSCF4625